Create beautiful, stunning, simple websites

in under 10 minutes.

Zoki concept screen

Powerful components

Add new information on your site
without worrying about design or coding.

    • Promotions

      Flash deals, seasonal promotions and discounts

    • Contact Forms

      Talk with customers via email

    • Articles

      Tell your brand story on the world wide web

    • Sharing

      Let visitors spread the word for you

    • Catalogue

      Showcase your best work, be unique!

    • Typography

      Perfect fonts that match your branding

Pixel perfect designs

We crafted pixel perfect designs so you focus on
what matters to you

    • Stunning Design

      It's difficult to make your website look bad

    • Simple Editor

      Even our moms are able to create a site

    • SEO Optimized

      Must-have SEO features, out of the box

Breathtaking photography

Access to hundreds of thousands of incredible quality photos
through our integration with unsplash

All the icons you'll even need

Millions of possibilities with our gorgeous, high-quality vector icons

Beautiful typography

You set your stiyle, by choosing from hundreds of beautifully crafted fonts

Superbly responsive

With zero effort, your site will look exceptional on mobile

    • Completely modular

      All elements are carefully styled for any screen size

    • Equipped for any device

      Optimized for PCs, laptops, tablets, phablets and phones

    • We got this

      No need to worry, we've completely automated the entire mobile experience

Built on solid principles

Zoki is the result of automating our years of experience

  • Designed to impress

    Carefully crafted precise design, with harmonious typography and perfect padding around every component

  • Clean code

    Built with HTML, CSS and JS. The code is easy to understand and easy to change. No other frameworks needed.

  • Fully responsive

    Your site will look great and work seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

  • Seamless animations

    Each slide and component include seamless and beautiful animation effects.

  • Gorgeous templates

    15 high-quality templates, each designed for a specific purpose. This site was built with Zoki.

  • 90+ customizable blocks

    Enjoy endless possibilities and results with over 90 blocks to mix and match.

You'll do amazing things with Zoki

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